BORNEO KRATOM POWDER is a strain of Mitragyna Speciosa, which is more commonly referred to as Kratom. This strain is affiliated with three options: White Vein,Red Vein Borneo and Green Vein Borneo. Each variation of this strain has been cultivated with different purposes in mind, ranging from reportedly providing an energy boost to a reduction in depression symptoms. Some people use the alternate names White Vein Bali or White Vein Indo when describing this particular product.


As the name suggests, Borneo is grown on the island of Borneo. Although some people choose to call this strain Bali due to the more immediate geographic recognition of Bali, Borneo is actually one of the largest and most populated islands in the world. The territories within Borneo are owned by three different nations: Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia.


Borneo is cultivated and grown in the section of the island that is owned by Indonesia. Mitragyna Speciosa has been naturally occurring in this region for thousands of years, and natives first began using it for medicinal purposes. These plants are located within old growth forests.


When Borneo kratom is shipped to other countries, it usually leaves through a port in Bali. This is what caused the strain to be branded with two different names, but Borneo and Bali are typically the exact same thing.



White Vein Borneo is less prevalent than the red and green strains, but this is due to the fact that it occurs less often in nature. Each strain is derived from the veins within a Kratom tree’s leaves. White veins are the rarest version found within Borneo, but this has not made them any less desirable to consumers worldwide.


The Borneo strains are reputed to be less potent than some of the other Kratom options that are available from different countries. However, White Vein is reportedly the strongest of the Borneo bunch. This makes it popular with people who are new to Kratom and with those who stack various veins to achieve a specific desired result. Some manufacturers also offer a blended version that includes multiple veins in one batch. Here at Greatest Kratom, we do not blend our White Vein Borneo.


Because White Vein Borneo is the rarest of the bunch, it can sometimes be difficult to find it, especially outside of a blend. The popularity of this item would almost certainly be higher if it was easier to obtain.



Alkaloids are chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants. These compounds are made primarily of basic nitrogen atoms, and they are used in a wide variety of ways due to the distinct and easily noticeable physiological response that they cause in humans. White Vein Borneo that is grown in ancient forests is characterized by being alkaline-packed, and it is the most potent version of these particular Kratom leaves.


White Vein Borneo and most other Kratom products are split into multiple categories. The premium designation indicates that each batch has been made primarily from leaves instead of stems. The stem of a Kratom leaf has the lowest percentage of alkaloids, and these are shifted out by Kratom farmers in order to produce higher alkaloid content.


There are approximately 25 alkaloids that have been discovered within Kratom leaves. The results that people get from the various strains are based on the amount of each alkaloid that is present in their chosen product. Kratom found in Borneo tends to have a higher percentage of Mitragynine, 7-Hydroxymitragynine and 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine, and these alkaloids are considered to be painkillers. Leaves from Borneo also rate high for mood-lifting adrenaline receptor antagonist alkaloids and opiod receptor agonist alkaloids.



As previously mentioned, White Vein Borneo is rare, so this will impact the price. Designations such as premium or standard will also factor into the total cost of this version of Kratom. However, our price range starts at $39 USD for 50 grams of standard White Vein to $299 USD for one kilogram. As with most products, you can expect to receive a price break for investing in a larger quantity during a single purchase.

This product has not been approved by the FDA for human or animal use. The FDA has stated warnings about Kratom ingestion in humans. This product is sold with no directions or intended use. Content on this page does not claim or intend to claim any verifiable or beneficial use in humans.