ORAL THRUSH EXTRACT-Natural support for Oral Thrush and Yeast


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ORAL THRUSH EXTRACT-Natural Remedy for Oral Thrush and Yeast

Experience the amazing power of Oral Thrush extract. Oral Thrush Extract is manufactured from Africa’s most powerful Medicinal plant species, Oral Thrush Extract works for the following symptoms:

•      Red inflamed areas in the mouth dotted with creamy white patches, which if wiped off leave red lesions that can bleed.

•      Cracks and redness at the corners of the mouth, Loss of taste.

•      Unpleasant taste in the mouth.

•      Inside of the mouth may be painful, e.g. a sore tongue or sore gums.

•      Burning or soreness that makes eating and drinking difficult.

•      Redness and pain under dentures.