Our KRATOM CAPSULES have between 500-1000 mg of our premium finely ground kratom powder in each and every one of our capsules. Every order of bulk kratom capsules receives 5 – 10% extra as an added bonus.


Kratom capsules are wildly popular right now due to the sheer level of convenience attached to them. Many kratom buyers purchase bulk powder and struggle with the hassle of overly-complicated DIY encapsulation. The other issue is wasted time as some customers cannot be bothered with the extra labor involved and don’t mind a nominal mark up fee if they can just buy kratom capsules direct from the supplier at a price that is reasonable. Another benefit of caps is that they are great for storage, causing less mess and greater convenience for quick transportation.



  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Horned Kratom
  • Bali Kratom
  • Vietnam Kratom
  • Borneo Kratom
  • Ultra –Enhanced Extract
  • Indo Kratom
  • Thai Kratom
  • Malaysian Kratom
  • Gold Extracts


Most large vendors like us can offer a very cheap price on capsules due to our advanced machinery which cuts labor costs and boosts production. We offer bulk capsules with a tiered discount for larger orders. If you need a wholesale or bulk order of over 5000 capsules, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a custom quote.


Many smaller vendors offer empty kratom capsules and raw powder as a way to reel their customers in, forcing them to buy additional equipment and supplies in order to boost their sales. DIY encapsulation machines are often difficult to use, messy, time-consuming and cheaply made.


Additionally, these smaller DIY machines only do small batches at a time which can eat up a large amount of time. Packing the capsules with these machines takes some practice and getting a “fully-filled cap” is usually an issue for beginners.



Making your own capsules can be quite a chore. If you require a lot of kratom caps for your research, choosing a cheap bulk vendor that can offer premium caps for a few pennies is a big benefit for both time and money savings for researchers on busy schedules.


We believe that our loyal customers should be able to get their products quick and easily without messing around with scales and cheap DIY encapsulation kits.

Our competitive pricing on bulk kratom capsules will really make you question if DIY encapsulation will save you any money at all.


If you still wish to do encapsulation DIY, machines and capsules can be found online for reasonable prices. Our bulk powders are perfect for DIY encapsulation due to the fact that we have a fine grind that packs very easily. Our prices per kilo are well below the industry standard for $100/kg so you cannot go wrong.



All of our caps are professionally triple pressed on expensive high-output, fully-automated machinery, ensuring a perfect capsule every time. No mess, no hassle and no wasted time learning how to operate cheap equipment. Also, our prices are significantly lower than the majority of other vendors around. We offer a full money-back guarantee, use quality fine grind premium powder in all our capsules and ship orders same day with full unparalleled support to all customers.


Our company takes the hassle out of buying capsules in multiple strains without an expensive price tag attached. Our caps are filled with reasonably priced high-alkaloid fine grind kratom powders only. Our capsules come in multiple strains and colors of: red, white and green varieties. Each capsule is quality checked before packing and stocked with 500 milligrams of premium product at the very minimum.


We also have a few other things that make our capsules stand out. Due to our advanced machinery, we do not use binders or fillers in our capsules. Also, we are 100% organic and that includes the capsule shell itself. We only use vegetarian capsules for all of our products, which are more expensive than the more popular gelatin counterpart. Our company stands 100% behind organic; animal byproducts are unacceptable within our kratom capsule casings.


We offer amounts of caps ranging from hundreds to thousands of units. Simply choose a strain and the amount of caps you wish to order at the top of this page to complete the checkout process. All orders are QC (quality-checked) before shipping and we ship your order the same day, providing it is before our warehouse cut-off time.


When you order from us, you get a 100% money back guarantee to ensure that you will receive only the best kratom capsules on the market.



Finding and buying kratom capsules locally is often a difficult process. Head shops, smoke shops and even some gas stations often sell them however the prices are typically marked up by 500-1000% of what you would pay at a bulk supply website like ours. Additionally, there are often no quality control methods and lab-testing or product sanitization procedures at many of these local shops so you never know what you are getting. If you really want quality and affordable pricing, you should use a trusted online vendor with good reviews.


All of our kratom strains are harvested from mature kratom plants in only the most natural of conditions. They are grown with some of the biggest and most trusted farmers in Indonesia. Our inventory is regulated and quality checked by our warehouse manager. Each batch is carefully labelled and monitored for inconsistencies.



It is advisable to store your kratom products in a cool dry place. You should keep them in a place free of humidity or UV (Ultra-Violet) light in order to obtain the longest shelf life possible. Quality of the product can retain for up to 3 years if it is kept dry and free of excess moisture and light.


Kratom capsules can be placed within a tin or Mason jar and stored within a cabinet where they will be kept away from excess light. It is best practice to use a tinted glass jar that light cannot easily penetrate if you wish to store your caps for long periods of time in the open.

This product has not been approved by the FDA for human or animal use. The FDA has stated warnings about Kratom ingestion in humans. This product is sold with no directions or intended use. Content on this page does not claim or intend to claim any verifiable or beneficial use in humans.